look i’ll even publish it to here so u can reply

  1. ereborunderthelonelymountain said: I sent it to fourthofjuly1996 in an ask but #8 is basically (#ml)*(1L/10^3ml)*((your molarity #)mol/1L) so ml and L end up canceling out and you’re left with moles of whatever your solution is. mol/1L = molarity 1L = 10^3 ml
  2. ofhogwarts said: Did you try googling? Sometimes you can hjust find the formulas and plug and chug. That’s how I used to do it.
  3. takaherva said: oh my god.. just.. listen to vivaforever.. I cannot remember this crap
  4. haruhisato said: Make a sacrifice to Satan. It’s the only way.
  5. leviosadraco said: omg chemistry memories ew but moles were fun but i don’t remember this ah
  6. sybilltrelawneys said: hey i did this in chemistry
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